University of Hannover

The research assistant and tutor Mr. Parashu, PhD offer lectures and working groups organized in accordance to the individual need of the Erasmus students. Some special courses concerning the academic elaboration of their master thesis are also provided.

The Legal Clinic of the Faculty of Law provides legal advice – especially for Erasmus and Erasmus Mundus students, and provides hands-on experience to law-firms. While providing free legal services to the students, the Legal Clinic offers also a unique opportunity for law students in law practice. By allowing students to meet with real (not simulated) clients, the Legal Clinic helps to strengthen the legal knowledge of the students.


At the Hanover University, incoming students – as all German students too – need to obtain a compulsory insurance with one of the official insurance companies (i.e. Ersatzkasse, AOK, TK  etc)

It might be possible to apply for a place in one of 14 University residences. For the ones who are looking for private accommodation, the University displays on its website links and tips on how to find accommodation successfully.

Welcome Reception at the Leibniz Universität for incoming exchange students

The International Office organises a “Welcome Reception” held for all international exchange students the week before courses start.

During the “Welcome Reception” staff members of the International Office provide important information on studying at Leibniz Universität Hannover (like course registration, etc.) and organisational requirements (e.g. city registration, visa, insurance).
Moreover, the students receive information about the benefits of the semester ticket (e.g. free use of all public transportation in Hannover and all regional trains in Lower Saxony, reduced prices for meals in the cafeterias, free courses in the university’s Sports Centre, etc.).
Various university institutions such as the Language Center (FSZ), the Technical Information Library (TIB), the University Library (UB), the University Sports Centre (ZfH) and the Regional Computing Centre of Lower Saxony (RRZN) will be introduced to the students. Of course, students will also have the chance to get to know other exchange students and – thanks to the Erasmus Student Network Hannover (ESN Hannover), get in contact with students of the Leibniz Universität Hannover. During the “Welcome Reception,” it is also possible to get assistance with applying for a residence permit and with opening a bank account. Buddy-Programm

Winter SemesterLecture Preriod: 15/10/2018 - 02/02/2019
Break: 24/12/2018 - 06/01/2019
Summer SemesterLecture Period: 08/04/2018 - 20/07/2019
Break: 11/06/2019 - 15/07/2019