You must apply to one of the Partner Universities, following the procedures of each one. You must also submit the Joint Master Application Form and send it to the Partner University for which you are applying.

Partner Aplication Procedures

To apply at the Universidade de Lisboa Law Faculty for the European Legal Practice Joint Master Programme applicants must first register on our online platform and then apply for the program.

To complete the application students must upload the following documents:

  • Copy of Identification Card/Passport;
  • Diploma for the undergraduate program (Bachelor) or Certificate of completion of undergraduate studies;
  • Language certificate(s);
  • Recommendation letter(s);
  • Motivation letter;
  • Joint Master Application Form

All applicants have the option to apply for the winter semester (deadline until 15th July) or the summer semester (deadline 15th January).
Applications must be submitted online at Leibniz Universität’s central registration office website.
Since the German Academic Calendar is out of sync with many other academic calendars we encourage our applicants to send us their application i.e. for a semester before they intend to start with their studies in order to prepare their visa process, or to improve their language abilities. We offer regularly so-called preparatory semesters during the summer decade in which you can participate in Intensive Language Courses or participate in guest lecturer law courses and to defer the beginning of their studies for one semester.


1. Registration after successful application for a degree program with admission restrictions:

  • If you receive a place after applying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree programme with admission restrictions, you will receive an acceptance letter (Zulassung zum Studium) from about August. You must confirm the place within a set period.
  • Only with an acceptance letter can you be fully matriculated, i.e. officially registered at the university. Only then are you registered as a student and become a member of the university.
  • There are set deadlines for matriculation, which you must respect. These are stated in your letter of acceptance.
  • In addition you must submit evidence of health insurance, and payment of the semester contribution.
  • For your electronic student card (LeibnizCard) a photo is required. The photo must be transmitted electronically before your enrollment. If you have applied for an admission-restricted programme, you will receive the photo upload information along with your admission letter.
  • In September you will receive your registration documents, such as your LeibnizCard, an invitation to the opening ceremony for first-semester students, and information on potential preparatory courses.


If you have applied for a place at Leibniz Universität and have obtained a place at university, you have to enroll. Please consider the following notes:

Documents required for enrollment:

  • Completed and signed questionnaire (you will receive it together with your letter of acceptance by post)
  • Health insurance certificate (more information in your letter of acceptance)
  • Payment receipt for the semester fee (important notes see below)
  • Language certificate, if required (the information can be found in the admission letter)
  • Proof of a valid visa.

Please send the required documents by post to the following address:

Leibniz Universität Hannover,
Immatrikulationsamt (Admission),
Welfengarten 1,
30167 Hannover

In September you will receive your registration documents, such as your LeibnizCard, an invitation to the opening ceremony for first-semester students, and information on potential preparatory courses.

If you have questions about enrollment, please contact the service hotline (0511/762 – 2020). Personally, the staff at the ServiceCenter will gladly help you. The ServiceCenter is located in the main building, Welfengarten 1, 30167 Hannover.

Before you can enroll, you have to transfer the semester fee. The payment information (amount of the amount, intended use as well as bank details) can be found in your letter of acceptance.

Transfers from abroad may incur additional charges. Please make sure that the semester fee plus possible transfer fees is transferred, so that the semester contribution is received in full on the account of the Leibniz Universität Hannover.

You can only enroll if the semester fee has been received in full.
After enrolling, a valid LeibnizCard will be send to you.