About us

This joint-degree is an initiative of three top European law schools: University of Rouen, Leibniz Universität Hannover and University of Lisbon School of Law. It started in 2004 and as since been sucessfuly developed to provide education of excellence in comparative legal studies and international law.
Although focused comparative legal studies and international law, the programme allows students to build their own curriculum according to their preferences and goals.
It brings together different languages, cultures and academic approaches in an internationally recognized degree, preparing students for an international labour market.
EU-integration and globalization demand legal experts who are able to moderate conflicts between parties from different legal systems, with different economic, social and cultural backgrounds.
Such legal experts must be able to understand and deal simultaneously with the diversity of different legal systems and social norms and the harmonization offered at different levels by EU integration and globalization, making use of their experience to adjust quickly to ever-new obstacles.
Think outside the box! Your journey for an international career begins here!
If you want to work with European institutions, international organizations, transnational companies, or other European or international players, this is the right path for you!